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Danzka Vodka

Danzka logoDANZKA Vodka offers a premium quality Danish vodka in an unique aluminium bottle that was modelled over a classic cocktail shaker. The vodka is made using an advanced production process – a combination of demineralised water, 100% whole grain and a six-column continuous distillation process – producing a smooth aromatic vodka, rich in taste – truly Scandinavian-style – slightly grainy, spicy and beautiful layer of sweetness.

DANZKA Vodka is the world’s best travelling premium vodka. Its proprietary aluminium bottle of sleek Danish design is made to chill very quickly as it protects one of the world’s great vodkas for safe handling and travel. Internationally, DANZKA vodka is one of the bestselling vodka brands in global Duty Free. The DANZKA Vodka line consists of 40% alc vol and 50% alc vol (FIFTY) versions of the mother brand and four flavours: DANZKA Vodka Grapefruit, DANZKA Vodka Citrus, DANZKA Vodka Currant and unique to DANZKA Vodka, Cranraz – a unique combination of cranberry and raspberry.

CapiroskaDanzka Capiroska:
- 5 cl DANZKA Vodka
- 3 quarters of a fresh lime
- 3 bar spoons of caned sugar
Glass: Rocks
Method: Muddle lime and caned sugar in a chilled rocks glass. Fill it up with crushed ice. Add DANZKA Vodka. Stir well and garnish with a lime wedge.
Tip: The more it is stirred the sweeter it becomes.

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